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“...After many years of searching for an accountant we were lucky to find Mike and his team.  No very lucky.  Mike is an expert in his field and makes himself available when we have needed him most.  As a small business owner for 20+ years, Mike's team has helped us navigate both simple and complex tax laws in a way other firms and accountants could not.  We have also benefited from his proactive approach to learning new tax codes and sharing that information in a timely manor.  We could not be as successful or happy without Lieb, Cody and Companies help.   Thank you!"

Cliff S.


Mike Cody and his team are extremely knowledgeable and keep current on all tax issues for both personal accounts and business clients... especially during this challenging pandemic season.... their communications have been excellent and very helpful!
They manage accounting needs for our personal taxes and corporate taxes.
Their attention to detail and warm and friendly customer service is unmatched. I am so very grateful for their guidance and support over the past decade.
I highly recommend Michael Cody and Lieb, Cody & Company for all of your accounting needs!

Annie M.



Our Dad died unexpectedly in 2018.  My Sisters and I had to jump in to take over all of his affairs.  It was incredibly overwhelming because there were so many unknowns and moving parts to his businesses. Between the grief and having to figure out how to manage all of his affairs to ensure we protected everything he built, it felt impossible.  

Fast forward to our introduction to Mike Cody.  Life. Changer. Mike is not only incredibly talented at his craft, but he was also so kind and patient with us while we were going through the most challenging time in life.  He helped us get everything in order quickly and efficiently.  Mike and his colleagues still oversee all of our family affairs and we have also hired the firm as our accountants for our own companies. That's how much we love them over at Lieb, Cody, & Company! You will be so happy you chose them!

Christine M.


I am so grateful for this company.  I have complicated taxes because I have multiple W2's as well as 1099's. I had been with a tax attorney for a few years and everything he did sounded correct and I liked the fact that he was an attorney which made me feel safe using him. Unfortunately, he had not been doing my taxes correctly which resulted in me losing thousands of dollars. When I asked if we could redo and amend my taxes, his response was "your taxes are already done. There's nothing else we need to do" except now I don't have a savings account because of the mistakes he made.
I met with Mike and Melissa at Lieb, Cody & Co and they were able to immediately see the mistake. They amended my 2017 taxes and were able to recover my losses from that tax year. Not only were they able to recover my losses, they made changes to my deductions for 2018 and I actually got money back this year!

This company has been very responsive to my calls and questions and they'll even review my earnings before tax season to make sure I'm on track. I used to dread tax season, but they're very organized and provide a checkoff list so I know exactly what is required of me.  Another thing I like about this company is that they're knowledgeable about small business' and rental incomes because I plan on buying rental property in the future.
Thank you to Lieb, Cody & Co for getting my finances back on track!

Briana D.


Mike Cody's service for all types of tax, accounting & audits is spectacular. He is always available and quick to return any type of question. I highly recommend Lieb, Cody & Company Certified Public Accountants, Inc.



Michael Cody, once again, thank you for your timely and professional services. I value this important relationship built on trust and confidence. 

Michael F.